About Jamie Moore

Jamie Moore

I'm Jamie Moore of San Francisco, CA. I grew up in Wichita and graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston in '95. For another year or so after college I drummed in a bunch of bands around town. Then I met a girl named Alice, moved to New York City and began persuing a long time interest in filmmaking. My desire to learn and proclivity towards sound guided me to become a boom operator. And, over the following three years I boomed on about 20 independent films, lots of MTV and VH1 promos, and two Comedy Central shows—Upright Citizens Brigade and Strangers With Candy.

alice - she rocksIn 1998 I married Alice and wanted to change jobs to be home more. So, I learned Photoshop & Illustrator on our tangerine iMac and got a graphics job in '99 at Igicom, a web-shop in Soho.

yes virginia - overeasyDuring that time I played mostly in a funky-old-soul band, Yes Virginia, and put together a compilation CD to benefit World Hunger Year featuring a bunch of cool friends, Brooklyn Above Ground: BAG 1. I also shot video for a monthly production of short plays called Little Theater at Tonic on the Lower East Side. Then in early '02, the sagging economy forced Igicom to change direction and the graphics team was let go. After a taste of the regular paycheck, the thought of unemployment was kind of beat, but I decided to get back into music and shoot some more video.

clearview policy trailer peopleMy first video project was an entry for the Clearview Cinemas Policy Trailer Contest, and I'm very proud to say I WON! Woohoo! That's right, from summer '02 to summer '03 every movie shown at any Clearview Cinema—a NY area chain—was preceded by my entry, which featured 23 New Yorkers telling movie goers not to smoke, talk, make a mess, etc. in six languages. I'm also very proud of the music that was written and produced for it with a fellow band-mate who also happens to be my landlord.

In 2003 I participated in MoveOn.org's Bush in 30 Seconds ad contest with the help of producer/friend Susanna Melendez and a whole bunch of kids from ages 5 to 10. We submitted this entry, and it ranked 57th out of over 1500 entrants.

Another project was documenting the original version of what is now the Spelling Bee Musical, concieved by Rebecca Feldman, which eventually went to Broadway and won a few Toni's! See the original trailer here. I also contributed video to a multi-media theater piece called The Blue Flower, and shot some stuff for Blurred Entertainment, a comedy shorts project run by writer/director Will Petzel.

In November of 2004, Alice and I moved to San Francisco. For awhile I was bouncing back and forth between the coasts playing with NY bands Ceramic, Neil Howard, Representative Ball, Teddy Geiger, Drazy Hoops, and occasionally Organic!.

In '05 I settled into a job with CyberCSI as an onsite contractor in the Audio Visual Dept at Genentech in South San Francisco. SInce '06, I've been managing the team, and occasionally playing gigs around the Bay Area.

—JM jm@beatnikbeats.com