Download Beats & Loops

Download Beats & Loops for your music. This page has all our FREE drum beats, loops & samples for you to download and play around with on anything you're using to make music. 

BeatnikBeats was started by Oakland drummer, engineer, producer Jamie Moore, because drums are one of the hardest instruments to record.  Here, you can download beats & loops played by real drummers, and connect with those drummers for original tracks if you want. Download stereo tracks for free to try stuff out.

Beats Pro Subscription

If you're a Pro, subscribe here for $1/month for individual separated tracks, so you can arrange, mix & produce the sounds to match your music. Beef up the EQ on the overheads, bring the shaker in on the 2nd half of the verse & the tambourine on the chorus... whatever! They're your tracks to crush, stretch, bump, verb, pan, stack & weave as far as your creativity wants to go. If you use something, post it up on Instagram and tag @beatnikbeatsmusic. We'll have examples here & link back to the artists.

Subscribe HERE for Pro access to individual tracks, variations, longer versions, etc...