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Jamie Moore                                                                             
(415) 306-2252
Email - jm@beatnikbeats.com



An articulate Medialogist experienced in Information Technology, Entertainment, and Graphic Design with refined management skills seeks a challenging role that demands effective leadership and superior communication while exploiting a passion for the creative spark, writing, culture, current events, politics, and emerging technologies.



Information Technology
Audio Visual Specialist

2003 - Present

Cyber CSI - Manager of Audio Visual Support at Genentech.
Ogilvy - Audio Visual Technician.


2001 - Present

Clearview Cinemas Policy Trailer - Clearview Cinemas and IFC.
The Spelling Bee Musical Theatrical Trailer - The Farm.
Bush in 30 Seconds - MoveOn.org.
Roller Derby Makes a Comeback  SF Bay Guardian.


1987 - Present

Extensive Touring and Recording Drummer - Audio Samples.

Acting Instructor

2002 - 2004

On Camera Acting for TV - The TAI Group.

Boom Operator - IMDB Profile

1999 - 2002

Chelsea Walls (Uma Thurman, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio) - Killer Films.
High Art (Ally Sheedy) - I Know Her Productions, Inc.
The Misadventures of Margaret (Parker Posey, Brooke Shields) - Lunatics & Lovers.
Colin Fitz (William H. Macy, Martha Plimpton) - Baby Shark, Inc.
Man of the Century (Frank Gorshin, Cara Buono, David Margulies) - Adam Abraham.
Strangers With Candy (Amy Sedaris) - Comedy Central.
Upright Citizen's Brigade (Amy Poehler) - Comedy Central.
• Commercials and promos featuring Lou Reed, Isaac Hayes, Tori Amos, Maxwell, Fiona Apple,

  The Chemical Brothers, Dennis Rodman, Chris Rock, Jenneanne Garafollo, Jane Black, Chris

  Cornell, Ani Difranco and others.

Graphic Design

1999 - 2003

Preacher Boy - Web design, business strategy.
Homeopathy America - Web design, search engine optimization.
Igicom, Inc. - Web design, concept development.
Brooklyn Above Ground: BAG 1 - CD artwork.
Chris Speed and Yeah, No: Emit - CD artwork.
Chris Speed Trio: Iffy - CD artwork.




Clearview Cinemas Policy Trailer Winner - Clearview Cinemas and IFC
Teeny Award Recipient for Cinematography - Little Theater, NYC

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