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Wind up and take a swing at world hunger!

Each beat description opens a new window with a list of variations and isolated tracks. Download whatever you like, import into your sampler, editing software, whatever...

These beats can be used in performance and on demos of any kind.
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outkast kwik hop 158bpm

outkast kwik hop 2 158bpm

ethno house at 120bpm

street beat 154bpm

swampy hip hop 154bpm

hip hop and reggea at 80.5

old school funk at 180bpm

tribal beat at 106bpm

hippy drum circle at 96bpm

vintage cross-stick at 187.5bpm

second line groove at 96bpm

sloppy old groove at 86bpm

Updated 5/5/2011
©2007-2012 beatnik beats

acoustic pop drums at 176bpm

brush groove at 152bpm

live drum n bass at 152bpm

funk at 113bpm

breakbeats at 118bpm

half time grind at 154bpm

drum n bass at 154bpm

trip hop at 106bpm

drum n bass at 145bpm

drum n bass half time at 145bpm

housy house at 130.2bpm

hip hop dirty south at 147bpm

military drumline